Friday, November 21, 2008

Foundation Gathering

The Reunion

Today's my happiest day since,hehe,I am not sure... But today's the best! After 2 years, finally we had our first foundation class of 2006 gathering... Though not all are present, but most of us are anyway,hehe... We had it in Firemen, all squeeze in a table for 6,unbelievable... At first me and dear was wondering will all come, or just us 3... But after several confirmations we were more relieve... But at the same time, I am a little nervous, all of us did not really talk and hang out for 2 years d, will it be awkward?

When we reached, YS was already there, we went and grab a table, I even wonder what if the table I asked for 10 (but somehow they gave us a table for 8) could not be filled... Haha, it turns out all my worries are unneccessary, there's 10 of us, Qian Ying even came back from Kampar, and we need to squeeze a little, and, we have never ending tales to talk about... Feels just like yesterday when we are recalling our memories together, ice-skating, food outing, dear's performance, lepaking aroung campus...I miss those days so much... It may only be 1 year that we are all together, but this 1 year was all filled with hapiness... The food was not bad, our Alwin even ate the porky fat for bbq, as he is the only one who has the qualification to eat- the skinniest, hehe, and guess what, he said it tasted really good ... And our Tony made a new Thai friend working as a fire master there, and therefore, he purposely performed for us,hehe... He's really good, overall, even his body can be on fire... Cool...
Busy bbqing
Is that cook?
Hmm,where are the guys?
O, they found a something...
Alwin's porky...
He's actually eating it?
The Five
Ian, what's wrong?
The Langkawi Girls
Me & Beautiful
Tony and his new friend
The Fireman!
Happy times past super duper fast... We hang til around 8 only balik... I am already looking forward to the next gathering, soon I hope... But it's really hard to get all together as we have our different schedules and next year would be our final year... Well, I'll pray hard... O ya, before the gathering went to The Curve with dear, hehe...
My dear A

The huge tree

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crazy Things We Did

Woo... Today (17/11) me and my friend had a sudden crazy idea to go Genting for the day,hehe... 3 of us were all set, happily went to central, but went we reached and planning what we'll do there, the bus tickets were all sold out, next bus would be at 2pm... Ah... Potong steam only la... But since we already went all the way there, we went to Bukit Bintang instead, hehe... Our minds really work super fast... Went to Star Hill to check the price for buffet in Jogoya, how lucky, there's 50% off for ladies... So of course we went... Fed ourselves for almost 3 hours... And believe it, the non-stop eating type... After that we went lepak around, but all of us are so tired and super full after the meal that can't really walk... Hehe... For me, after this, I never would wanna eat another buffet in a year... My tummy felt so uncomfortable and gonna burst any second... Buffet was nice, but suffering was more like it if wanna describe the meal... But of course, super nice and worthy, I will just keep this memory for now till another long long time before I will get myself in this nice but suffering stuffing again... ^^

Her Majesty with her food

Our Queen sucking her victim- the snail...

Paper bowl of soup

Mmm... My fav desserts

Scoops of H.D

The Royal Highnesses

Finally... Whew... Ohh No!

Wat a week... Been so busy with assingnments and presentation... Finally all mission complished... Now super free lo... Too free pula... Hehe... On Friday 14 went watch Madagascar 2 with my bunch of friends, went to eat Sushi King too... Though the movie is only so so, but the food, yum, and the time we spend together was fun as we don't go out as the whole group often, so it was really nice...



Everything is perfect til... I am lied and treated like a fool from the most important person to me... And guess what, it has been occuring long ago... Feel so stupid... But of course it couldn,t compare to the hurt I felt especially everybody knows what's hapenning and only I didn't know a thing... I trusted... But the result? My heart stops... I will give it another go, but this time, final

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Japanese In...7 Weeks?

Is it possible to learn Jap language in 7 wks? Believe me, nothing is impossible... In my uni anyway,hehe... Fr the beginning with zero knowledge up til now wk 5, we already can make some simple sentences and know a bunch of vocabs, we even master the grammar now, unbelievable really... I have to admit that me and my friends really have a relatively high linguistic intelligence,hahaha...

I really like Jap but I never ever thought that I will learn it so extremely fast, 5 wks man... Though it's cool to bo able to learn and catch it so fast, but I think it's really too fast, if it could slower down a little it will be perfect as in this 5 wks, i feel that my head is going to burst anytime... To much to take in, too little time... Every classes passes in a rush, when I am only warming up, the class already ended... Finally, now I get the hang on it, though not excellent, but good la, at least to me, hee ( I finish all the exercises for chp 6 in 1 hour,yeah)... No matter how good or fast I can learn the language, I still think that language can only be mastered when we use it often, every day in fact, we need to be expose to it, communicate using it. Interaction is a crucial factor of success in learning the language,haha( Did not return back what I learn in Language Learning).

I really wanna persue this language further... With no interaction available, for now I guess I just have to make do with getting the basics of how it goes and whatever I can get... Gambateh!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy... Yet...

Dicipline, more dicipline... Hope I can maintain writing... 2 more weeks to end of sem, still, 2 more assignments to go... My big day is coming in 2 weeks, but why do I feel like as if it's 2 months away? FYP finally sinking in, I don't wanna think about it... I hope... My dream vacation finally coming true in 2 months... Yeah... But what I want always feels so far away... I wish I can control time... Love, what is love really? If you love someone, won't you wanna spend the BD with her no matter what? It doesn't come every other day... Though will be making up for it and to me this is the silver lining, but it still hurts that I am second item on the list... It's really not the same... Well, face the reality, am trying to live every second I have and enjoy it... Literature and Japanese, here I come... BD, I m really looking forward, anticipating... ^^